Be surprised and stimulate your senses! 

Discover the world of fresh herbs from so close, you can almost smell it! How?


1. Download the PDF with the button below and print it.

  Print the PDF

2. Then put it on a table (not on a white table).

3. a. Are you watching this page on your laptop? Scan the QR-code below with your telephone*/ I-pad
     b. Are you watching this page on your telephone? Click on the link.

4. Open ‘’ in your browser.

5. Give your phone permission to use your camera.

6. Scan the complete PDF in portrait.  

7. Imagine yourself in the world of 5 senses!


*only available on Iphone 6 and above or Android 7.0 and above.

• Fresh Herbs, the complete product range!

• Year round

• Dutch & worldwide produce

• Dutch & worldwide agencies

• Innovative packaging