Give your product the packing it suits best.

Our specialists go for fresh, which means, fresh enough for that moment! As some products travel more metres than others. Or are more vulnerable than others, so we take this into account. And we also look at the ‘jacket’ itself. We work with recycled plastic and the thinnest possible plastic. In addition, we are always looking for other sustainable packaging materials. Like a banderole as packaging material. The packaging consists of a cardboard punnet with a paper strap to hold the product. Flowpack film and plastic punnets are therefore not necessary. This ensures a reduction of almost 6,000 kg of plastic on an annual basis. Almost 12 pallets of plastic!

Next to that, we extended our machinery with topseal machines. Many supermarkets are switching to another packaging for soft fruits, such as grapes and blueberries. With these machines, we respond to the retail's demand for packaging with a reduced environmental impact that is transparent and user-friendly.

In addition to packaging, when selecting a product we also focus on quality and ensure the repacking in the right packaging.



  • We pack organic and regular?
  • We have been Skal certified for years?


  • Netlon
  • Girsac
  • 1 or 2 layers

Our locations in Barendrecht and Ridderkerk specialize mainly in citrus. Whether it is a mineola, an orange or a tangerine. With our extensive packaging and repacking lines, UV tunnel and experienced team, we respond to customer requirements.



  • Topseal
  • rPET Topseal
  • rPET Clamshell
  • rPET Bucket + lid
  • rPET Shaker + lid

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    • Topseal
    • Flowpack
    • Clamshell
    • Paper bags

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Greenhouse vegetable

  • Topseal in pulp bowl and rPET bowl
  • rPET Shaker + lid
  • Banderole
  • Flowpack
  • Foodtainer
  • Seal

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Sweet potato

  • Flow pack
  • Up to 18 kg. laid loose
  • Net clip

Sweet potato is totally hip and happening and for good reason. It's delicious and healthy. From the very beginning, we were there. Want to know more about our sweet potato? Then look here.



  • Flow pack
  • Foodtainer
  • Banderole
  • Ripening
  • Automatic sorting by color and ripeness
  • Topseal in pulp tray and rPET tray

Much of avocado's success is due to its taste, versatility and content of beneficial nutrients. These are primarily monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition to the greater focus on health, increasing environmental awareness is also driving growth. Did you know that growing avocados requires significantly less water than growing pork, veal and chocolate?

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Pulses / sugar snaps

  • Flat bag

Pulses are a staple ingredient in many international recipes, and have more than earned their place in Dutch cuisine. They are rich in protein and fibre, making them very suitable as part of a healthy diet.

Sugar snaps, mangetout and haricots verts are crunchy and go well with meat and fish dishes, or can be used raw in a delicious summer salad.

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    • Kg box
    • Flowpack (10x100g, 10x75g, 10x50g)
    • Clamshell (12x20g)

We belong to the larger providers in the herbs segment and we know everything about packing and keeping the delicious seasonings as fresh as possible.  

But this isn’t all!

Did you know that we are also experts in packing meal boxes? You know, those wonderful, fresh meal boxes in which you can instantly cook a healthy meal? In this way we respond to the trend of ‘convenience’. And we are happy to contribute our part to it.

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