Fresh in every sense

Fresh herbs are an attractive high-margin item in the store and a fast-growing trend. The fresh brand 5 Senses covers the full range of herbs. Yearround available in bulk volumes, from our Dutch and worldwide growers. As a specialist in fresh packing, we are always developing inspiring fresh herbs packaging concepts.

  • Fresh Herbs, the complete product range!
  • Yearround
  • Dutch & worldwide produce
  • Dutch & Worldwide agencies
  • Innovative packaging

These are our herby heroes

Basilicum | Basilicum Thai | Basilicum Red | Chervil | Chives | Coriander | Dill | Flat parsley | Lemon grass | Lemon Melissa | Lemon thyme | Lovage | Marjoram | Mint | Oregano | PeppermintĀ | Rucolla | Rosemary | Sage | Salicornia | Savory | Sorrel | Tarragon | Thyme


With our 5 Senses tea concept, tea drinking goes back to basics. Herbs that grow naturally, but are always consistent in quality. Crops that are free of all substances you'd rather not have in your cup. They all taste different and they good for you: for your health, for your immune system and for your concentration. Nice to know none of our blends contain caffeine.